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Unit 2, Efford Farm Business Park, Bude, Cornwall EX23 8LT

Speak to anyone who's spent some time at the coast, and they'll all be able to recount a fun time in the ocean.  Playing in the sea, getting back to nature, is one of the most incredible activities you can be involved in.  

We've been lucky enough to grow up and now work within walking distance of waves and beaches.  And as such, is where our passion for developing amazing gear for adventures comes from.

Wait for your wave, with your leading arm outstretched in front of you. Kick and control your ride
The added surface area a Handplane gives you allows for far greater ease and enjoyment in the ocean.

So!  How do you do it?  It couldn't be easier.  Which another reason why its so good.  Preferably, with a set of swim fins for added propulsion make your way into the surf.  Depending on your confidence level will determine how far you want to go.  We'd also always advise swimming on a lifeguarded beach.

Once you are in you happy place, wait for a wave.  Unbroken, small peeling waves, on the inside are perfect.  Once you've lined up 'your' wave, start to kick and swim.  With your leading arm outstretched continue kicking.

Your Handplane will enable your whole body to start to plane across the surface of the water.  From your leading arm you'll control movements and directions.  Voila!  You are Bodysurfing

Your simple ocean swim now got a whole new fun level added to it.

We make a small range of Wooden Bodysurfing Handplanes & Cotton Canvas Bags from the workshop in Bude, Cornwall.  

  • FSC Timbers

  • Upcycled Strapping

  • Stainless Steel Fixings

Bodysurfing Handplane

  • 100% Cotton Canvas​

  • Made from Fabric Use-up

  • See our Vestige Project for more info

Bodysurfing Handplane Bag